Wicked Animal Rights Shirts

Dog Fighters Are Jerks!!

Dog Fighters Are Jerks!!

Animal rights shirts can be boring. Clever animal rights shirts have arrived. These are the types of t shirt designs that will make hunters feel stupid.

Ever wanted to humiliate a meat easter but didn’t know how?  There is help!  A new t-shirt site has arrived that makes fun of hunters, child abusers, and everyone else that you wanna diss.

These are some of the most clever t shirts on the planet!

Wearing animal rights shirts should just be a start.  I hope that you are also working towards liberating animals!

The world is already moving towards the right direction.

There is more work ahead of us but the agribusiness is advancing.  If you see someone that is fighting dogs than kick his ass or call the cops!

I recommend calling the cops on animal abusers.  It’s fun to watch cops tackle & taser animal abusers.  We don’t like when cops do it to innocent people but it’s fun when it happens to jerks!

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