Glitter Furniture

Designing Glitter Furniture is rewarding. It takes weeks to make each one. Most of them are made from recycled furniture and other objects. They are then smothered with an engaging assortment of glitter, photographs & intriguing artifacts.

The intriguing montage is than fossilized under a layer of hardened resin. These are one of a kind pieces that are 99% guaranteed conversation starters. I can’t say that they are 100% conversation starters. If you are boring or a jerk, there is still a 1% chance that people will still not want to talk to you.

In those rare cases, fun furniture may not be enough to start a conversation. You may need to do exhaustive internal work in order to attract more people.

These charming pieces can never be duplicated. Each one was hand crafted while I was broken hearted. There was so much emotion poured into each of these items.

I feel like I am letting go of a part of myself every time that I sell one of these cute pieces.

**The glitter furniture isn’t super delicate. However, they must be kept out of DIRECT SUNLIGHT and extreme hot & cold.**

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