France Should Not Be Able To Bomb ISIS Harder!!



France just survived one of the worst terrorist attacks ever by ISIS. The next day, the headlines were predictable:

“France vows revenge!”

“We’ll bomb the hell out of them!”

and many more…….

My question is why is this possible? Why is it even possible to hit them harder?

Shouldn’t we have already been bombing them so hard that we couldn’t bomb them any harder?

Why is it possible for us to step up out attacks?  Revenge made us bomb them harder?  Why weren’t we doing all that we could do already?

In response to the French Terror Attack, we bombed a munitions depot and a training camp?

Why did they have a munitions depot and a training camp? Why wait until the day after a suicide bombing to destroy their training camp?

What else are we not bombing?  

If The US is attacked, will we bomb their training camp the next day?

There should be nothing left to bomb. We should not be able to escalate our attacks.

Do we leave certain ISIS structures intact so that we can bomb them for revenge?  Haven’t they done enough already?

Why can’t 20 countries defeat a bunch of idiots?

War parades mean nothing to me anymore.  The used to impress me.  However, if 20 countries can’t defeat a bunch of stone age morons than I am not impressed.

Since we can’t beat ISIS…we might as well make fun of them!  There is no better way to diss these morons than by wearing this clever t shirt.  

If we can’t defeat ISIS on the battlefield than let’s defeat them on the runway!  Buy this funny ISIS T Shirt Today!




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