I refer to myself as a Stand Up Philosopher.  This is different than being a stand up comic.  The intention of a stand up comedian is to make people laugh.  My ambition is to make people think.


The Intent Of This Site is The Fusion Of Humor and Sapience.  


**Designing America’s #1 Selling UNISEX BURQAS!!  


**Hatching Thought Provoking Podcasts!!  I LOVE PODCASTING!!  New Conversations.  Unlike any podcast that is out today!!


**Creating Inventive & Avante Garde T Shirts, Pillow Cases etc…….


**Generating Stand Up Philosophy Videos.  The integration of humor & sapience.


**Interviews & Conversations with unconventional guests


**Manifesting Weird Furniture………..With Lots Of Glitter  :  )


IF you only subscribe to one podcast.  Let this be the one!




I am called “Parks Are Zoos For Trees.”  However, that is not my name.  That is my message.  Here are some of the reasons that I utilize a message instead of a name.



1.  When my time on this realm is up, I would like people to remember a message that was important to me vs my name.



2.  Trees can’t speak but they do communicate.  We must speak for them verbally when necessary!



3.  To inspire people to lend a voice to the voiceless in general   :    )



4.  I like to see people’s reactions when hear that my name is a whole sentence and not something like “Bob.”




><><><><><>—————————             PARKS ARE ZOOS FOR TREES  – VIDEOS        ——————————-><><><><—————————–                


“Parks Are Zoos For Trees” is my message.  I’d rather people remember my messages more than a name.  


I am a truth seeker, stand up philosopher & a Jester.  Perhaps, the world’s last Jester!


In ancient times, Jesters were the ones that told the kings the truth in a humorous way.  At my shows, I treat everyone like kings.  I share personal and universal truths……without fulminating against the audience.  


In modern times, many comics are self deprecating.  THEY are the crazy ones.  Originally, society was crazy and it was Jesters that so perspicaciously pointed this out.


My goal is to uplift the spirit.  It is never my ambition to belittle the audience or myself.  


It is my intent to revive the ancient art of Jesting.   We are needed!!


At one time, Jesting was a sacred profession.  Some Jesters were actually able to save lives by speaking truth to those in power.


For more information on the abandoned history of Jesters click here……..and again right here!!






——————><><><><————                            THE UNISEX BURQA           ————–><><><><><>—————————————-


A tree is planted every time you order one of these Stylish Unisex Burqas. 


I Produce America’s #1 Selling UNISEX Burqa!!  Each one is slowly created by hand by the Finest Hipster Designer in Brooklyn.  Each garment takes a few hours to make.  


The Men’s Burqa is a lighthearted gift idea but making each garment takes authentic craftsmanship.  They are not cheap!  Each one costs $127 but t’s worth it.  


The Unisex Burqa is perfect for Videos, Pranks, Political Statement & Everyday Living!


These acid washed denim burqas are one of a kind.  No 2 are exactly alike!!  You can even request fabrics or send us fabrics  that you’d like incorporated into the overall design.


I meant no disrespect with the creation of this burqa.  I studied this history of the burqa or hijab and felt that this would be a clever response to today’s burqa.


The original purpose of the burqa was not to suppress the spirit.  It was intended to enhance the spirit.


Wearing a burqa is similar to being on the radio.  With radio, people focus on your words and spirit vs what you look like (as is the case with TV).  


Your personality and attributes are supposed to overshadow your sexy soul container.  


There is a 99% chance that I will be misunderstood and killed over this design.  If you hear about a muslim that is about to kill me………please refer them to my FAQ page.


Watch This Stand Up Philosophy Video In Order To Hear More About My Views On Burqas 


———–<><><><>———<>><><———                   HANDMADE              ————-><><>———–><><————–><><——————–


Recently, I have had life experiences that have allowed me access to a part of myself that previously laid dormant.


The part of myself that I’m referring to as allowed me to create all kinds of fun handmade stuff.  


The section called: “Handmade Stuff” is something that will continue to transform.  Right now,  it’s mostly avant-garde furniture with lots of glitter  :  )


Each item in this section is one of a kind.  Once something is sold, there will never be another one exactly like it.  Eventually, this section with not only have weird furniture but also jewelry, incense burners etc……….


I also design one of a kind t shirts.  Each one os done by hand with fabric markers, fabric paint etc…..



———————-><><><————><><—————AVANTE-GARDE TOPS————————><><><>>————————————————


Prints on top of Prints 


These experimental garments are made by hand.  No two are exactly alike!!  All of them include original artwork that you won’t see anywhere else.  


You will notice a range of prices on these habiliments.  That’s because some were more labor intensive than others.  Also, some use more ink than others.


Some of these shirts took only a day to make.  Others can take up to a week!


I make these personally with a combination of screen printing, digital printing, fabric markers & rubber stamps.


Than they are strategically cut in various ways with extra sharp fabric scissors.


You will never see these shirts at any large retail stores.   They simply can’t be mass produced.   We sell to a limited number of small boutiques in SOHO, NYC and a few other cities but that’s it.



I have done small batches of fun custom shirts for corporate events, reunions, weddings, street teams etc………………







 Much of what you will see here, are unconventional responses to today’s headlines.


All feedback is welcome!!  Consider for a moment  that there are no positive or negative comments.    The polarity of positive & negative just perpetuates the illusion of separation.  

Like many blogs, some of the comments are spam and people selling stuff.  Dear spammers:  Spam us with something relevant.  How about spamming us with accessories that will look great with my dazzling unisex burqa?


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