Dog Exercise Equipment

Dog Training as we know it today is A JOKE!! Most people think dog training is for “bad dogs.”
Dog Training is supposed to be for the FULFILLMENT of the dog. Dogs feel FULFILLED by being Physically & Psychologically Challenged.

Dog Exercise Equipment is not intended for “dog lovers” that think a “trained” dog means “sit” “stay” “down” & “come.” That mind set is obsolete and doesn’t serve dogs.

Hire an experienced dog trainer when introducing this equipment. A good trainer will help the dog make a positive association with this equipment.

There are various sports, jobs & ways to fulfill your dog. This is only one way but it is an ancient and time proven way.
In my experience…Dogs Love To Pull!!

If you think that making a dog work is “cruel” than you aren’t ready to own a dog!! Dogs love to WORK!!
Once your dog gets the hang of it, the look on your dog’s face will say it all!!

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