Was the Paris bombing Worse than the Russian Plane Crash?



Why were there no worldwide vigils when a Russian plane was sabotaged?  Why was the reaction so much stronger for the bombings in Paris?

Why don’t people across the globe freak out when Israelis are targets of terrorism?  Is there something special about French blood?

I think all of these incidents are tragedies.  It’s mostly civilians that were slaughtered in all of these tragedies.

So, why don’t people freak out when Russian & Israeli civilians are killed in the middle east?  I think it’s because it happened “over there”

When things happen over here, we take it more seriously.  We know that ugly things happen overseas.  However, it somehow seems more ugly when it happens over here.

By “over here” I mean in Europe, Canada or The US.

It’s ugly no matter where it happens.  The only war that I support is the war on war!



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