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We Only Kill Giraffes Because They Exist

  They only reason that hunters kill giraffes is because they exist.  What do I mean by this? We are used to them.  They are taken for granted. If they didn’t exist on earth and we discovered giraffes on another planet, than they would be sacred. Imagine if we had no giraffes on earth.  Now, […]

The Truth about Trophy Hunters

  Many people are criticizing trophy hunters right now.  These disses completely miss what is actually wrong with trophy hunters. Many protestors get so emotional that their criticisms sound like ad hominem attacks.  You’ll hear things like “LION KILLER” and other names. I have taken things a little further.  I used to just get sad & […]

Is Ebola A Form Of Population Control? (I Hope So!)

                Is Ebola a biological weapon?  Is it a form of population control?  I was sorta kidding when I wrote:  “I Hope so.”  However, I’m also a little bit serious because I don’t think the earth can support the number of humans on the planet. Currently, we are […]