Is Ebola A Form Of Population Control? (I Hope So!)

Is Ebola a Biological Weapon?

Is Ebola a Biological Weapon?









Is Ebola a biological weapon?  Is it a form of population control?  I was sorta kidding when I wrote:  “I Hope so.”  However, I’m also a little bit serious because I don’t think the earth can support the number of humans on the planet.

Currently, we are acting like a form of cancer.  It’s my understanding that there were never more than 500,000,000 humans on earth for most of Earth’s history.

I read that we reached 1 billion people in 1804!  The world was less than 1 billion people in 1804.  Now, we’ve reached 7 or 9 billion people.

There are like 733 million people in Europe alone.  That’s more than was on the whole earth for most of the earth’s history.

So, if the Illuminati are truly Illuminated then they are able to observe the obvious. There are too many people on earth!!

I kinda don’t blame them for working on killing us.  Whether or not they should kill themselves is another issue.  I don’t agree with people that hate the Illuminati or work on exposing their plans.

I don’t call the “shadow government” sick or maniacal.  I have a feeling that they are ordinary people in extraordinary positions of power.  They see the problem.  They see the costs to the earth and they want to do something about it for future generations.

Consider the possibility that the Illuminati are preservationists.  Any way that they kill us is going to look terrible.  What do you want them to do, give us sleeping pills?

I agree, Ebola is a fucked up way to die.   I think the real solution is for idiots to stop having babies and for humans to colonize other planets.

Idiots do need to stop having babies.  The problem with that statement is that idiots rarely know that they are idiots!

To an idiot, the world seems clear.  Their idiocy makes sense to them somehow.  Do you think that idiots have a clear perspective with regards to their stupidity?

When was the last time that you heard an idiot admit to being an idiot?

The opposite is true.  Idiots are usually stubborn idiots.

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