Hezbollah is Tougher than Hamas.

We can beat Hamas in arm wrestling

We can beat Hamas in arm wrestling

Hamas is tough sort of.  They aren’t tough compared to the IDF.  Hezbollah is tougher than Hamas.

This is going to be a future problem for the IDF.  Hezbollah troops are battle hardened.

They fought a long fight with ISIS or ISIL troops.  It was basically maniacs versus maniacs.

This made the maniacs even more maniacal.  I believe that is made them sort of blood thirsty.


From an American perspective, it’s hard to understand why muslims kill muslims.  We don’t see anything like this currently with other religions or ways of life.

So, why did Hezbollah fight ISIL?  I don’t know but I have a prediction.  I think that a deal was made.  Hezbollah offered to help Syria hight ISIS if they would be allowed to invade Israel afterwards.

I don’t know who they made this deal with.  It could have been Iran, Syria or some other country.  Regardless, I do believe that a deal was made.

Soon, we will see Hezbollah fighting the IDF.  I hope that I am wrong about this.  Hezbollah is tough and battle hardened after fighting other maniacs.

If there is a big war, don’t get too upset.  If a huge war or proxy war comes from this, it’s ok.  It will be the war to end all wars.

This was the big claim in WWI.  It was supposed to be the war that would end all wars.  It wasn’t even called WWI at the thyme.  It was called “The Great War”

US President Woodrow Wilson even used the phrase once:  “The War to End Wars” or something very close.  President Wilson was right but he was off by decades.  He was also talking about the wrong war.  The concept was good though.

I promise you that once Hezbollah gets involved, it will be the beginning of the war that will end all wars.  A new world era is on the horizon.

Soon, we will have 10,000 years of peace.  We will find new ways of resolving our differences.  I can’t say for certain that there will be zero small scale wars.  However, I do believe that large scale wars will soon be a thing of the past.

I also think that small scale wars won’t exist either but I’m not 100% sure.  It’s hard to imagine.

As you can see, Hezbollah has nice jackets.   They are probably the most stylish terrorists out there today.  I wonder if there will ever be a terrorist fashion show.

There jackets are so retro and 80’s cool.  They are almost like members only jackets but with weird shit that we can’t read.  I bet that other members can understand it though.



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