200,000 refugees’ food cut off via text

I know these aren't Syrians

I know these aren’t Syrians…duh

More than 200,000 Syrian refugees living in the beautiful kingdom of Jordan learned via text message that they are officially starving.  They were being given food via the U.N. but funding is no longer available.

How does money for starving people dry up?  Isn’t this what the U.N. is supposed to do?  What is being funded instead of feeding starving refugees from Syria?  They are fleeing the fighting between ISIS, Assad and whoever else.

The World Food Program has been warning that a funding crisis has stretched the organization thin, and has caused the group to cut back on resources it can offer Syrian refugees in Jordan.  However, the news still caught refugees off guard when they received the text.  Imagine receiving a text that says:  “hey guys, you are now starving!  Sorry.”

“What shall I do? Sell myself or sell my three girls?”  This is what one anonymous refugee said.  By the way, is this really a hard choice?  Duh…. sell yourself.  You don’t sell your children.  You sacrifice for your children.  You do not sacrifice your children unless you don’t love them.

Earlier this month, 229,000 refugees who live in urban communities in Jordan, were notified via text that their food vouchers were worthless.  They had been receiving $14 per month, and now they will receive $0.00 from WFP.

Their options suck.

They can either return to a terror zone in Syria, chill in a refugee camp or work towards making the dangerous journey to Europe.

This year alone, 2500 refugees died while trying to make it to the beautiful shores of Europe.

Here is a quote from the U.N.’s top jerk:

“We have been forced to make some very difficult decisions, and have cut rations of extremely vulnerable refugees, because we can no longer afford to continue at this level of assistance because of lack of funds.”

How is this possible?  How is there money for weapons but not for refugees?  Oil zillionaires exist in the middle east.  A couple of them can get together and fix this.  Rich americans can fix this.  Heck, the U.N. could probably figure out a way to get funding.

Why do we even need funding?  People all over the world can donate canned food to them.  Large food corporations could do it themselves.

A U.N. spokesman confirmed that these types of announcements are distributed via text message because it’s a “good way to reach” refugees.

In the end of 2011, around 2,000 Syrians resettled in Jordan. The country is now home to about 630,000 Syrian refugees.

The “World Food Program”  immediately needs $236 million to dole out food assistance and food vouchers through November, the spokesman said.

The spokesman noted that many parents have sold all of their possessions, are spending less on medication and many have taken their kids out of school in order to send them to work to help feed the family.

What will they do next as things become more desperate?  I have  feeling that some hero(s) will step up.  That’s what usually happens.

Most of the refugees are muslim.  Muslims believe that non believers are going to hell.  Extremist muslims will kill you & send you to hell.  Moderate muslims will be your friend but they still think that you’re going to hell.

This information is coming straight from muslims.  I have nothing against muslims or anybody. I just find it ironic.

When someone steps up, that hero might be Christian, Jewish, Druze, Zoroastrian etc……

Imagine being a moderate muslim and receiving food from a non muslim.  It’s gotta be bitter sweet.  They’re gonna be like “dude you saved my life…. this sucks that you are going to hell.”

It’s funny how some religions think that everybody else is going to hell.  Interestingly enough,

Judaism does not claim to have a monopoly on salvation.

According to the jewish tradition, a Non Jew can go to heaven as well.  There are 7 heavens in Judaism but that’s another story.

According to the Jewish tradition, there is a path for Jews and Non Jews.  The path for Non Jews are the The 7 laws of Noah.”  They are referred to as Noachides.

I share this information because many believe that each religion claims to have a monopoly on salvation.

This was a departure from the original topic.  However, this is an unconventional blog and that happens.

Have a nice day!




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