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I support the war on war. This is where I list alternatives to war

Our Government Protects us from Terrorism

The Government does a pretty good job of protecting us from terrorism.  For example here is a story of terrorists getting caught in Honduras.   These cops in Honduras probably prevented a huge catastrophe.  You won’t hear a a ton about this story though. People are way more vocal when the government fails to protect us. […]

Israel vs Palestiinains Simplified

They both feel like they are the Naive Americans.  This is the main problem.   Begin by having an understanding of their different narratives. They were taught contradictory truths….more to come I have a solution to the conflict.  Message me for details        

Election 2015 Prediction!

In the past, I have made predictions.  This is an Election 2015 Prediction.  The answer is a little vague but keep in mind that I made this prediction around 7 years ago. The president in 2015 will be a man of the people. Or, he will be a step in that direction.  It is not a […]

200,000 refugees’ food cut off via text

More than 200,000 Syrian refugees living in the beautiful kingdom of Jordan learned via text message that they are officially starving.  They were being given food via the U.N. but funding is no longer available. How does money for starving people dry up?  Isn’t this what the U.N. is supposed to do?  What is being […]

A replacement for war

  The video above shows 2 people fighting with swords.  We haven’t seen people fighting like this for hundreds of years.  Why do we need bombs?  Why do we need mechanized weaponry?  Wars today are won by nerds not warriors.  Nerds create drones, smart bombs etc……  We even have bullets that can change direction and follow […]