Kevin Liles does look like Russel Simmons

Look at the twitter comments at the bottom of this article.  People are upset that Kevin Liles was mistaken for Russell Simmons by CNN and FOX.  I get it.  They think that these reporters think that all black people look the same.

That’s not the case. If it were the case, they would have said to the crowd:  “holy shxt…. everybody here looks like Russell Simmons!”

They said it about Kevin Liles because he does kind look like Russell Simmons.  He doesn’t look that much like him but the hat helps.  Russell Simmons is usually wearing a baseball cap and is often spotted at protests.  He must play a lot of baseball after protests.  Anyway……

Watch the video below

There are about 8 zillion legitimate reasons to dislike these reporters.  However, to call them racist for this is kinda racist.  They don’t think all black people look the same.  They were able to pinpoint one person that kinda looks like Russell Simmons.   This proves that they don’t think that all black people look the same.

The real scandal is Russell Simmons being absent.  He was probably coaching a baseball game.

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