Israel is not the bad guy

Israel Flag Everyone hates Israel but what if they aren’t the bad guy?  I am not saying that the Israeli government is perfect but what if they aren’t as bad as many say?

I am not even sure that they occupy.  Many people certain areas “the occupied territories” but who is doing the occupying?

It’s been said that Israelis kicked out the Palestinians and that Palestinians have  “the right of return.”

Don’t Israelis have the right to return?  Jewish people have wanted a homeland for 2000 years.  They were kicked out of their homeland.  Why don’t they have the right to return?

Imagine if Native Americans returned & kicked out New Yorkers.  And then New Yorkers complained they they have the “right to return.”  If the  Native Americans are one day able to do this, shouldn’t they?

America once belonged to the Indians.  They had various tribes, just like the Israelis.  I understand that it feels weird when the natives are gone for 2,000 years.  They feel like foreigners but they aren’t.

Here is a list of all of the Muslim majority nations of the earth.

Why can’t all of these countries absorb the more Palestinians?  Jews make up less than 1% of the world.  You hear about them non stop but they are less than 1% of the planet.

Israel is approximately the size of New Jersey.  If you combined Brooklyn, Queens and a tiny bit of Manhattan…. that’s the size of Israel.

They would not start wars if they were left alone.  Take a long look at that list. Look how many muslim majority nations exist.

I have been to Israel and met citizens and politicians.  I did not meet one person that was warlike.  Everyone that I met just wanted to live in peace.

I guarantee you that they would not start wars if they were left alone.  They are less than 1% of the planet.  Prove me wrong.

I read newspapers from all of the world.  I don’t just read about Muslims, I read muslim newspapers.  Your average muslim citizen says that they don’t want to fight.

Your average Israeli citizen says that they don’t want to fight. So, who is starting the fighting?  Who is the aggressor?

Consider this fact.  If everyone practices “self defense” then there can be no war.  The same is true on the street.  IF everyone practiced self defense then there would be no fighting.

Somebody is lying.  Somebody is the aggressor.  Once aggression begins, then revenge takes place.  At that point, the fighting becomes cyclical.

However, who is the initial aggressor?  I don’t think that it’s Israel most of the time.  They are less than 1% of the planet.  People have tried to kill them for thousands of years.

They just want to survive.  They are in no position to be the aggressor.

Also, please understand the different between Jews and Judaism.  I have met many imperfect Jews.  However, those jews are not observant to The Torah.

You don’t hear about Torah observant Jews because they are such honorable people.  Honorable people don’t usually make the news.  They live quiet and respectable lives.

Less than 1% of the planet understands Judaism.  But, when an Israeli does something, people don’t get mad at “Israelis”, they get mad at Jews or Zionists.  Usually, they complain about Jews.

Odds are, you’ve never met a Torah observant Jew in your life.  They are good people.

Anyway, this blog post os all over the place.  I feel sick and can’t write in a focused way today.  I hope that I made some sense and receive some comments.

My main point is about the native thing.  Jews are natives to Israel.  They were kicked out of their homeland for 2,000 years.  Leave the less than 1% alone and they won’t bother anyone.

Jews were refugees for 2,000 years that wanted nothing more than “the right of return.”  Palestinians always talk about their “right of return.”  That’s why I’m confused as to why  so many countries attacked Israel when it formed in 1948.

Israel was a brand new country at that time.  They were clearly not the aggressors.  Everybody agrees on this.  They simply wanted their right of return.  Jews were refugees that were spread all over the earth.

I am good at dealing with bullies whether they be Israelis, Palestinians, Syrians, ISIS or whoever.  Let’s figure out who is the aggressor today.  Help me set up a filmed conversation between myself and the trouble maker.  I will get to the bottom of it.

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