World War 3 will be the last war for 10,000 years


Proxy World War 3

Proxy World War 3

World War 3 is here right now!!  It may  not feel like it.  That’s because it’s different than the first 2 world wars.  Those wars had standing army vs standing army.

This is more like a proxy war that is out of control.  However, there is fighting going on in at least 10 countries.  How many countries do you need before we call it world war 3?

The good news is that this is the last war that humankind will fight for a very long time.

We will learn a lesson from this war.  Every nation will learn that fighting comes with too high of a cost.

I guarantee you that soon, war will be seen as a choice.  Right now, war is viewed as a fact of life.  It’s viewed as an unfortunate thing that has to happen.  It doesn’t have to happen though.

If every country only acted in self defense than there would be no war.  If everything was transparent that there would be no whistleblowers.

A new reality is emerging.  Embrace the emerging world instead of cursing our past.  The past served us.  It brought us to where we are today.  Today, we are on the verge of a new and beautiful reality.

This amazing photo was taken by Time magazine.  All rights go to them.  For more on Time Magazine, go here!





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