I will always belieb in Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber jail picture

I will always Belieb in YOU


I will never stop beliebing in you!

I will always belieb in you. I don’t care how much trouble you get in. I will never stop beliebing in you.

Everything you do is perfect.  I will always belieb in you. I will remain a belieber!

Your music was always there for me.  I will not stop beliebing in you.  You

I know that you were recently arrested for driving too fast.  They don’t understand. You are living fast.  You are ahead of the curve.

When you wonder who has your back… just remember that thousands of people belieb in you.


I belieb that you could have won the race if the police didn’t stop it.  I belieb that you could be the world’s best race car driver.

I don’t care if your whole plane smelled like weed.  I still belieb in you but I think you should get a tape.    I have never seen such a handsome prison photo.

I belieb that this is the best prison photo ever.  You should write a song about your addiction to winning car races and then go into rehab for it.

I belieb that you have many more hit singles inside of you.  I belieb in everything that you do. I will never stop being a belieber.

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