Killing monkeys for medical research is AWESOME!!!


do not actually feel that way.  Allow me to explain why  I wrote that headline.  I was just on the subway in NYC.  Four people were discussing how killing moneys for medical research was awesome!

They were actually excited about it.  One of them was bragging about how her boyfriend kills monkeys.  I politely cursed them out!

They were excited about killing monkeys for medical research.  I showed them an article about killing monkeys that had an alternative viewpoint.

This was too much for their schemas to handle.  They immediately became flustered.  Here’s the thing… I don’t care if you are in favor of killing monkeys for medical research.

However, if you talk about how awesome killing them is… while standing next to me, you’ll probably get cursed out.

They were also saying that:  “worse things happen to them in nature.”  Actually, whatever happens in nature is ordinarily swift.

A monkey might get eaten by wolves but it will happen quickly… in most cases.  That’s different than the slow mental torture that some monkeys go through.

I am not an expert in animal research.   However, you don’t have to be heartless when you are talking about this issue.  Killing monkeys is never cool or awesome.

Here is a link to an article discussing animal rights with regard to medical research.  



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