Election 2015 Prediction!

In the past, I have made predictions.  This is an Election 2015 Prediction.  The answer is a little vague but keep in mind that I made this prediction around 7 years ago.

The president in 2015 will be a man of the people. Or, he will be a step in that direction.  It is not a name.  The prediction is more about the nature of the times that we are living in.

We are about to experience our last great war!  This was the famous prediction by H.G. Wells that was made about World War One.

He believed that World War One would end the need for wars forever.  At least that is my understanding.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

World Wars are not sustainable.  We’re not gonna have World War Five!  

Anyway, back to my original election 2015 prediction.  The winner will be a man of the people.  Or, he may just be a step in that direction.

There is a reason that people like Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump & Jesse Ventura.  They speak like regular people.

We are over the age of buzz words & talking points.  In fact, most people are over watching people read from a script.

We’re ready for the age of transparency.  We’re ready for an age without judgement or speaking Lashon Hara.  

We are entering a new age.  Work on not judging the career politicians that brought us to this point.  They failed their test.  Don’t fail yours!  Work on not judging.

Don’t “try” to not judge.  Work on not judging.

The word “try” is on the spectrum of doubt.  The word “work” is on the spectrum of confidence.

I learned this from Rose Marie Raccioppi.  Her site can be found here.  You can hear my interview with her below.

Don’t curse the people that brought us to this point in time.  Your energy is better spent by embracing the emerging world!


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