Weird new furniture is on the way!!

I am editing a new video on how / why and especially what to feed wild birds like pigeons, sparrows etc…..  The answer is wild bird seed but there is a lot more to it.   If you live in a city than pigeons are kinda like our collective pets….  Allow yourself a new way of viewing pigeons, squirrels and sparrows….  In the meantime, here is a image of a piece of weird furniture that I recently finished!!


This represents the best in weird furniture. Perfect for collage seekers and art lovers. Tons of detail here. This table has lots of areas to touch delicately. There is fabric and tons of other fun stuff hanging off of it including money, yarn, amazon wood , metal bearings. Tons of colors here such as yellow, blue, white etc.....

World’s Most Fun Table

Weird Furniture

Weird Furniture

weird furniture

Twine Protected Under Resin

fun furniture and weird furniture. World's coolest small modern table. Recycled

Don’t Holla for a Dolla

fun furniture that is weird furniture. glitter, fabric, metal beads and shiny stars

Metal Beads, Stars & Fabric under Resin

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