Wars Don’t End Wars!






Wars don’t end wars.  They lay the foundations for new wars.  My question for you is this.  Do war preparations lead to wars?

Think about how many times you have seen a military parade on TV.  Many countries have military parades.

What is the point of having a military parade in a time of peace?  What happens is that in many, it brings about a feeling of nationalism.

It’s similar to the feeling that we get when we cheer for “our team.”

When we feel these feelings in unison is that our Torus fields meld together.  Our Torus fields self together no matter what.  However, I question the melding of our torus fields over nationalism.

Let’s meld our feelings in unison in anticipation or the Messiah not war!

War is yucky and stressful!  I don’t want you to be stressed.  I’m looking out for your Telomeres.

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