Teach Release Commands for Dogs

If you don’t educate yourself on how to educate your dog… how can u expect to have an educated doggy?  Many pet owners claim that there dogs are “trained.”

There are a million things that I can say about this but it’s 6am and I wanna cuddle.

Here is one simple example that demonstrates how little most people know about dog training.  Ask someone if there dog knows how to “sit.”

99% of canine owners will say YES!  He can sit on command.  Ask these same people if there dog knows a”release” command .

In other words, how does your dog know when to stop sitting.  When does it get up from a sitting position?  Does your dog choose when to get up or have you taught a release command?

IF your dog chooses when to stop sitting then your pooch doesn’t know basic obedience.  If I tell a dog to “sit” then he will stay seated until I say so.

If I leave the room and come back, he should still be sitting.  He should sit until the release command “ok” is given.  If a dog decides when the command is over then it isn’t a command that he respects.  He has essentially broken the command.

Most dog owners are ok with this.  Which is fine… but don’t tell me that your dog is trained.  Educate yourself.  Learn release commands and learn advanced obedience.


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