Political Correctness is Incorrect

I was doing a show in Bushwick, Brooklyn recently and somebody called me racist.  Apparently, it’s not politically correct to wear a Unisex Denim Burqa.  

I have a problem with political correctness.  Is there something about political correctness that doesn’t feel right to you?  Here’s what it is for me.

First of all, most of us aren’t politicians.  I could stop right there but let’s proceed!  Even for politicians, political correctness is stupid.


Think about how political correctness came to be.  Consider the function that it political correctness served.  It was created by people that were acting fake in an attempt to seem perfect.

Many people that run for office spend millions of dollars in an attempt to not seem like one of us.  We are the flawed masses and they are supposed to be more than human.

It’s like sculpting the perfect Facebook persona but worse.  It’s like a celebrity that will only allow themselves to be photographed in particular settings or with particular clothes.

It’s an attempt at making yourself seem like you are not human.

Being politically incorrect is what we should strive for.  Honesty is what we should strive for.  Sculpting images is silly.  However, I can see the practicality of being politically correct.

Sculpting an image comes in handy in some cultures.  Humans and the press can be brutal.  Many people seem to enjoy shaming people.  People are shamed on the news daily.

Political correctness is subjective.  People kinda choose what offends them.  Often, times… it’s an emotional landline that sets off PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

It’s more than the issue at hand.  It’s their attachment to the issue which causes the emotional charge.

Wouldn’t it better if everyone was honest and wasn’t judged?  Remember the chicken franchise owner that didn’t believe in gay marriage?  Many people came down on him hard.

Why?  Why can’t someone that holds those views make chicken?  It’s disgusting chicken anyway that is probably factory farmed.

I think transparency is better than political correctness.  I would rather know if someone is a racist for example.  If we stop judging others than there we’d see more transparency and honesty.

What is the deal with shaming people?  Remorse comes from within.  It doesn’t have to be forced.

If someone says something that seems politically incorrect to you, why not respond with curiosity.  The real question becomes:  “why aren’t you curious?”  If someone is racist, why not ask where he got those ideas?  When did they form?

Some will say:  I don’t care about his life.  I only care about his racist views.

That’s the same thing that the racists does for other races.  He doesn’t want to get to know individuals.  It’s easier to hate a whole race and never get to know anyone on a 1 on 1 basis.

In a similar fashion, it’s easy for you to hate all racists.  Why judge anybody?  We all learn in our own time & in our own way.







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