3 Fun Ways to Stop Police Brutality

How to stop place brutality in 3 easy steps!!  This article continues below the video.



Many people want to complain about police brutality.  Police brutality can end today with my simple plan.  The video below actually shows a cop pushing his partner.

1.  Cops should arrest cops.  If you see a crime, the apprehend the criminal.  If that criminal happens to be another cop… so what!?  If you see a fellow cop, kick a handcuffed suspect than arrest him.  This will increase public trust.  It might also be fun to arrest another cop.


2.  Cops should become experts in shooting people in the leg.  I have seen videos where cops shoot people like 8 times.  They keep shooting until the “threat is neutralized!”  Dude, relax.  Darren Wilson admitted that he shot Michael Brown after he was already twitching.

Cops need to become experts in shooting people in the leg once.  They should become experts in shooting once and then re-evaluating the situation.  Most people are pretty debilitated after 1 shot.  Some people can take a bullet and keep coming but that is not common.


3.  Cops should invent sludge guns.  These guns would cover the suspect in a gooey hot mess.  Stop criminals in their tracks with a non lethal gooey disaster.  It would actually be fun to shoot people with these guns.  Doing so, would cut down on civilian complaints.



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