Why are Styrofoam Cup Companies Legal?? Plastic Bags Too



If styrofoam is as bad as some say, than why are the companies that make them legal?  One of the responses to this question is:  “capitalism” & “people are free to start any kind of business that they want”.

Why does the planet not have an attorney?  Could it be proven that the earth is a living thing that needs legal representation by an animal rights attorney?

I don’t understand why certain businesses are allowed to exist.  Why should cheap shitty plastic bag companies be legal?  In some areas, people pay 10 cents for using a plastic bag.  That’s a good step but what about making companies like that illegal?

I don’t feel like styrofoam and plastic bags are evil.  They served us well in the past.  We didn’t know any better.  Now, we know better.  It’s not complicated.

Why should someone be allowed to have a company that produces these products?  It seems like there is a lot of personal gain vs hurt for the planet.

People that own companies  like this probably have a lot of money.  Why not invest that money in adapting your business model?  They can become leaders in the organic cotton bag industry.  They can also become leaders in the alternative styrofoam industry.

I don’t think these types of owners are evil.  I think they need to be shown that they can be part of the solution.



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