Voting For a 3rd Party is a GOOD IDEA!!

For years, people have told me that voting for a third party is a waste of a vote.  In fact, I have probably only met 5 people  in the last 12 years that thought voting for a 3rd party was a great idea.

99% of people think that voting for a 3rd party is a terrible idea.  People have warned me that voting for a 3rd party makes the democrats or republicans win.  They say that it steals votes from one or the other and causes a democrat or republican to win.

I am going to dispel any myths about this short sighted point of view once and for all.  Voting for 3rd parties is not a waste of a vote.  It’s a great idea!

When people tell you not to vote for parties, they are revealing their schemas about politics.

People once had a schema about the whig party.  The whig party was once a viable party.  Today, it’s nowhere to be seen. At one time, people would have said:  “The whig party will be around forever!”  They were wrong.

Today, people say that: “3rd parties can’t win.”  They are wrong!  History will prove them wrong.  Schemas hold back progress.  Instead, we should be embracing the new reality of 3rd parties.

It’a better to vote for someone that you want and have them not get elected as opposed to voting for someone that you don’t want and getting him / her.

Many of the same people that say that 3rd parties will never win, still vote for people that they don’t like.  Sometimes they like the 3rd party candidates but will still for 2 of the 2 major parties.


1.  One day they will win!

2.  One day, they won’t be looked at as alternatives.

3.  IF we don’t vote for them then they will never win.

4.  Even if they don’t win, your votes still matter.   Change happens in increments and then it happens exponentially.

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