UNHEALTHY TREATS for DOGS!! And the owners that use them!!

Most dog treats out there are either unhealthy or not life enhancing!  However, the focus of this short article is not about unhealthy treats.

It’s about irresponsible dog owners that use unhealthy snacks as a way of “spoiling” their dogs.   When was the last time you read the ingredients of your dog treats??  Seriously….. when was the last time?  I don’t think there was a first time for many dog owners.

How can you say that you spoil you dog and then give it ANYTHING that is not ORGANIC and or RAW??  How can you say that you LOVE your dog and feed it ANYTHING other than ORGANIC!!

Does his favorite snack have FOOD COLORING??  DOGS ARE COLORBLIND!!  Is it there so it looks pretty for the 3 seconds that it goes from your hand to his mouth??  It’s not even pretty.  It’s artificial coloring.

What kind of a pack leader does this?  Have you read about the history and manufacturing process of many “treats” “snacks” & “bones?”

Some people rationalize it by saying that they don’t eat healthy either!  They’ll say:  “Well…. I eat pizza” etc…….  THAT’S YOUR CHOICE!!  The dog doesn’t have a choice.  You go grocery shopping!

Dogs find organic foods more yummy 99.09% of the time anyway.   If you want to spoil your dog than do it with organic treats or make your own.  Doesn’t your dog deserve it?  Isn’t this the only way to spoil your dog?  How can you offer foods that negatively effect your canine on the cellular level?

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