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This is a growing list of weird shxt stuff that I offer via Skype.  These are being made available for very fair prices.  In addition, I will plant a tree with every purchase!

Conflict Mediation – I have never taken a conflict mediation course in my life.  However, I have a innate understanding of conflicts.  I can see through the symptoms & analyze the root causes.

I have observed conflicts that involved a great deal of anger.  Underlying that anger is usually a great deal of hurt & sadness.  Oftentimes, that sadness stems from violated trust.  Your response to violated trust is a choice.

It may not seem like a choice.  People say things like:  “He made me mad!” or “she made me lose it!”  However, you choose how to respond.  Live at cause rather than effect.

I don’t have the emotional charge that the other participants have.  This allows me to see the truth and root causes of the situation.  I don’t claim to always know the solution.  However, I will always offer you new ideas to consider.

I have an iTunes podcast that goes into great detail about conflict resolution.  Please listen to the episode called:  “You can’t make someone mad.”

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