Weird Furniture


This is the coolest thing that I ever made!  A lot of emotion went into this product.  I had just finished a challenging period of my life.  You will never see a table with a collage exactly like this anywhere on the planet!  It took me months to make this.

I had to make it in secret.  My thug roommate would come over and threaten me for making “gay stuff.”  I persevered and this was the result.

There are too many details to list but please scroll through the pictures!  This is may be your new favorite table if you like fun, glitter & shabby chic furniture.

Guaranteed to be a conversation starter!

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Looking for weird furniture?  This is it.  It’s also recycled / up cycled.  Lots of fun embellishments.  Lots of colors and textures.  One of a kind hand made.

This vintage table was thrown out.  I made it feel new again.  It’s essence was captured in this glitter furniture explosion.


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