Swords, hearts & Parachutes!


Are you looking for a fun collage shirt with hearts, neon pink swords & parachutes!?  Cool, I knew it!  This is my lucky day because you are the only person on the internet that is looking for that combination.

I’m so glad that we found each other.  This shirt is extra soft.  I usually only design on extra soft stuff and this is no exception.  This is actually one of the softest shirts that I’ve ever printed on.

I never screen print any 2 tops the exact same way.  Each one is unique.  I reuse the swords for example, but the position and color will always be different.  I think that this is the only time that I used neon pink swords.  They are kinda orange / pink actually.

This habiliment is like a fun & messy art collage.  Underneath the neon stuff is a dandelion and the words……..”I love my bf”.  I know that’s kinda cheesy.  That’s why I printed over it and made the shirt all crazy.  It’s subtle now and blends into the madness.

I recommend wearing this top to a museum or to rob a bank.  I’m not not why I feel that way.  I’m just awkward when it comes to writing product descriptions.


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