Support The War On War (t shirt)


Do you support the war on war!?  It’s the only war worth supporting.  One day, wars will become obsolete.  Cooperation will replace survival of the fittest.

We will have “missile museums.”  Future generations will be surprised to learnt that we once relied on war as a tactic.

This top was hand drawn and labor intensive.  I printed this on an organic cotton long sleeve.  I dyed the shirt first.  Then I printed hearts, green stars & lots of fun details!

I even put some ancient swords on this top

Help support the war on war.  By the way, peace is boring!  What we need is cooperation  :  )  Peace just sounds like there is no war.  I don’t want to simply see a stop to fighting.

I want to build water slides from one country to another.  I want zoos and parks that are half in 1 country and half in another.  I want intercontinental water balloon fights!

Lots of fun colors on this one including: red, green, pink, blue etc……

Done by hand…. You will never see another top exactly like this!  This organic tee is a show stopper!  WARNING: Please don’t go to any shows while wearing this!

Audiences enjoy watching shows.  Nobody wants the show stopped because of a clever t shirt.



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