So Sweet… Even Diabetics Love Me (version 2)

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Here’s a different version of my “So Sweet, even diabetics love me” t shirt.  This one is messy  in a good way.  There are tons of hearts, baby chicks, parachute army guys, feathers & lots of other fun stuff!

I printed it on organic cotton but I wouldn’t call it “eco friendly.”  It is eco friendlier because cotton is a highly sprayed crop.  Conventional cotton has also been a contributing factor in the death of Indian farmers.

I almost always use recycled cotton or organic cotton.

For some reason, diabetics find this t shirt funny.  I thought that many would be offended.  I’m glad to hear that they aren’t.  I have a busy life.  The last thing that I need are thousands of diabetics angry at me over a stunning t shirt.

I painted all over this tee shirt.  I even printed on the sleeves!   Fancy stores sell tops like this for $68 – $150

1 review for So Sweet… Even Diabetics Love Me (version 2)

  1. Panita

    Hi! I so know just how Elizabeth feels! Its not the boozing, its the social life around it. And yes, I can’t even eat out with my family and friends and get these looks, like, Put that down you’ll perish! And I’m holding a piece of pizza! I agree, finding something new is awesome…but how do you live around others and blend in without over carbing yourself!? eeek,,,,,this is very difficult to say the least.

    • Parks Are Zoos For Trees

      I have no idea what you are talking about but thanks for the comment. Look out for the silly t shirt designs that I’ll be offering in a couple months. Some of them are food related and quite funny. Don’t worry, just eat gluten free or homemade pizza. Don’t get it from average pizza places and stop saying “eeek!”

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