So Sweet… Even Diabetics Love Me (organic top)

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The top says:  “So Sweet… even diabetics love me”  It also has some hand painted army guys on it.   This tee features a hand painted parachute soldier.

This was hand screened onto an organic pink top.  I drew fun stuff on the back as well.  You will never see a tee shirt like this anywhere else!

1 review for So Sweet… Even Diabetics Love Me (organic top)

  1. Basma

    Well when I found out I had type 2. I made a huge change in my life. Lost 16 lbs and felt much better. I watched what I ate, did it all but, I also felt like I was missing out on my fun old way of life.

    I started out great but I feel like I can’t do this forever, which is silly because I have to do this forever. So you see the battle ground? How do I balance the old and new? How do I continue to do well, without burning out (which I’m beginning to feel the burning burn).

    • Parks Are Zoos For Trees

      I don’t know. I just make funny t shirt on this topic. I love sugar too but I eat organic and raw sugars. Here are some of my favorite sugars in no particular order.

      *Beet Sugar

      *Coconut Sugar


      *Monk Fruit (my favorite)

      *Splenda (just kidding)

      *Raw Sugar

      *Raw Honey

      *Artichoke Syrup

      *Maple Syrup

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