Ufo’s, Fisherman, Hearts & Birds…….. Organic produce bag

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This is the perfect bag to weigh your fruits and veggies in!  This one of a kind eco friendly “produce bag” is hand painted.  It has fun pictures of UFO’s, Fishermen and lots of other fun stuff.

It took me forever to make this one.  There is a cool collage on both sides.   Pictures don’t do it justice!  They weigh practically nothing.  Show it to all of the nerds at your local food co op !

Think about how many plastic bags that you use when you weigh your produce.  Many people take all of those plastic produce bags and then place them in a reusable tote bag.  Reusable tote bags are great but there is no need to fill them with yucky plastic.  This hand painted gem machine washable.

This handsome little reusable produce bag was made with a combination of water based inks & fabric marker.  Everything was done by hand.  The bag itself is organic cotton.

I used rubber stamps with fabric ink for the old fisherman carrying his fish.  It looks like a Salmon!  I used a good deal of blue & pink on this organic bag.

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1 review for Ufo’s, Fisherman, Hearts & Birds…….. Organic produce bag

  1. Moshtaq

    I have just looked at your entrie blog and I am in love! Your projects are so cute & adorable. You have a definite gift and are so talented. You are quite an inspiration. Happy Stitching!

    • Parks Are Zoos For Trees

      Thanks. I didn’t actually stitch it myself. I designed the art that is on it. It was done with a combination of fabric markers and fun stencils.

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