Cray Cray Stars T shirt


The shirt has been worn by Selena, Snooki, Miley etc……..  That’s right.  It’s been seen on Selena Rothstein, Snooki Goldstein and MILEY CYRUS!!!

The Miley Cyrus. The one that works at the Verizon store in Columbus, Ohio.  Which one were you talking about!?

This hot top features patterns melted on top of other patterns.  There are tons of fun stars.  There is a slogan that says: “I love my boyfriend”.

I stopped making I love my bf tees.  This represents the last of the last.  I smothered it in a gradient of stars.  That probably isn’t correct english but you see what I mean.  All done by hand.  No 2 are exactly the same.  Not even Miley Cyrus will be wearing the exact same outfit.

This design was printed on top of a semi sheer black burnout tee.  Burnouts are extra soft and delicious.  Trust me…’ll feel like you’re wearing pajamas all day!


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