Unisex Burqas


America’s #1 Selling Unisex Burqas!!  Let me start off by saying that this product is not a joke.  It’s also not an attempt to make fun of muslims or anybody else.

If women should be covered than we should too!  This is a human rights issue.  Men demand equal rights!  Let’s all be covered and focus on our personalities and not our appearances.

Each one is custom fit.  We will need your measurements.  Also, if you have any fabrics that you would like us to incorporate than let us know.  You can send us recycled jeans or whatever you want us to use.  Otherwise, it’s up to our discretion and fabric inventory.

Regardless, you will be satisfied!  No 2 are exactly alike.  You will never find a product like this anywhere else on the planet.  These are high quality garments.

Yes, it is kind of a silly product but we put a lot of work into making these.  Each one takes hours to create by hand in Brooklyn.

2 reviews for Unisex Burqas

  1. Muslim Man

    Hi, you really design unisex burqas? I find it funny but some people in my clan would’t dig this.

  2. ThE Hungry Slamma

    Unisex Burqas? That’s pretty funny. I want to be find it insulting but I’m not sure that I do. I’m muslim. Your product is potentially offensive but I don’t think you meant any harm by this.

    I can tell by your stand up philosophy videos that you see the truth and absurdity in stuff.

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