Occupy Roller Coasters + boyfriend shirt


For the most part, I stopped making: “I love my boyfriend” t shirts.  This is one of the remnants from early on.  Once it’s sold, I’ll probably never make another one like it.

The top itself is a black semi sheer burnout t shirt.  It’s sorta black and sorta charcoal grey.  Across the top in pink and blue, it reads:  “I love my boyfriend”.

In the past, I’ve sold this top to straight women, gay guys & a lesbian couple.  The text is written in a font that is fun and urban in a 1980’s way.

The graphic design was done in a spray painted bubble letters kinda way.  The back of the top has a reddish dinosaur on a roller coaster.  Underneath, it says: “occupy roller coasters”.

Yes, it’s also a OWS parody shirt.  I am not making fun of the OWS movement.  I just think that we should occupy roller coasters.  IF you love dinosaurs as much as your boyfriend than pick this one up.

Oh Oh……  I just remembered.  There is a another demographic that bought a bunch of these a few years back.  Single girls have bought these.

The idea was that it would cut down on street harassment.  I’m not sure if it worked or not.  I still harassed them to buy this piece of glitter furniture but that didn’t work.  It’s still for sale if you want it!

Check out my entire “glitter furniture” section.  It’s a fun way to decorate your living space!






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