The Most Fun Top Ever== : )


This is truly one of my favorite designs.  I couldn’t recreate this even if I tried my hardest.  I designed this during a very difficult time on my life.  The design is cute & festive.

This was actually my first attempt at drawing a cat in my whole life.  Patterns layered on top of patterns is how I would describe this.  This cute top is a messy masterpiece.

Bright pink stars are on this shirt along with a plethora of colors such as orange, white, blue & yellow etc…..

This was also around the time that I started experimenting with cutting tops.  You will never see a shirt cut like this again.  I started to read a book on how to cut shirts.  The book got boring quickly…. so I threw it away and started cutting intuitively like a child or a blind person.

The result was what you see in front of your beautiful eyes.

It took me hours to make this.  I used a variety of water based inks as well as rubber stamps & fabric markers.

People always told me that I was an idiot but look…..  I can make cute tops!!  This shirt was never tested on animals!


This top is pure chaos!  It took many hours to make this one of a kind top.  Many people would charge $99.00 for this shirt.  It features an huge cat face with stars.  The back is ripped in a fun way etc…….


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