Green Chaos Splatter Shirt


Cute weird shirt for ladies.  Each one was handmade with swag juice extract!


This is an extra fun and weird ladies shirt.  I hand printed layers on top of layers.  Underneath the chaos, there is a karate guy and a slogan that says:  “my boyfriend can kick your ass”.

This is not a cheesy boyfriend shirt though.  It’s a subtle feature.  You can see the karate guy but it’s hard to read the text.  He might be a judo guy or Krav Maga… not sure?  There is also an orange neon army guy on the bottom.

One of a kind.  Handmade with swag juice and fun neon colors!

I printed fun stuff on the back too.  This is a light colored shirt…….kinda white……… kinda cream.  You get the picture!  Speaking of pictures, here is a video by the humans from Picture Plane!



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