Dog Wagons


This is one of the best gifts that you can ever get your dog!   Dogs love to WORK!!  They want to be Physically & Psychologically Challenged.

Your dog will be stronger and more focused when you give them a job.  With this wagon, your dog can pull your groceries, laundry etc…


3 reviews for Dog Wagons

  1. Bobby Fisha

    I’m gonna make my dog into a working dog. I understand what you are saying about “work” not being torture for the dog.

    My neighbor back home used to do this with his dog. I’m not sure about every dog but his dog loved it.

    I was there for part of the training. His dog was super scared by the experience at first but they worked through. Now, the dog’s face speaks volumes. He actually looks forward to the work.

    For example, he used to use a particular leash for “working” the dog. The walking leash was a different leash.

    His dog would express a different type of joy, depending on which leash he took out.

  2. John Ray

    Woah, my dog would love this. I listened to your podcast or saw one of your articles (I can’t remember which) about how to train my dog to be ok with this.

    I like your idea of hiring a local trainer to help me. The only problem is that I doubt that many trainers have experience with educating dogs on how to pull wagons.

    However, I’m going ahead and hiring the best trainer in my area and I’m giving it a shot.

  3. Fort Dix

    If you can make this mainstream then I’ll give you a zillion dollars. I’m pretty sure that it won’t happen though.

    It’s not cruel to doggies. I get that. Good luck convincing the masses though.

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