Dinosaur on a Roller Coaster


This is the best dinosaur tee shirt ever.  It comes in a sexy charcoal black


Thanks to Hashem, I gave this tee shirt a “vintage on purpose” feel.  Some of the ink looks faded in order to give it a worn in look.  There are prints on top of prints.

This top is messy on purpose as well.  There are prints on top of prints.  If you look closely enough, you’ll see 2 different prints.  One is an image of a dinosaur and it says: “occupy roller coasters”

The other print simply reads:  “I support the war on war”.

The tee shirt itself is super soft and comfortable.    It is a sleeveless black tee shirt.  Very cool and partially made with recycled materials.  Buy one and I’ll plant a tree with it’s purchase!

If you like pretty dinosaurs on roller coasters than this is probably the charcoal tank top for you!


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