Extra cute with army guys and baby chickens (aqua marine)


Cutest aqua marine shirt ever.  Support the war on war


The words on the front of the shirt say:  “I SUPPORT THE WAR ON WAR

This may the cutest shirt ever.  I’ve seen a lot of cute shirts but this is extra cute.  This aqua marine top is for ladies & gay boys.  It is also appropriate for straight guys that don’r give a fuck.

I plan on doing more shirts like this in the future.  This shirt took me a while to make.  Machines can not duplicate this process.  On it, you’ll find extra cute images of hearts & parachutes.

The front of the shirt says:  “I support the war on war”  This top is perfect by itself or layer it.  Great for a summer night in Phuket.

This hot top is now featuring baby chickens everywhere.  I even printed baby chickens on the inside of the shirt.  Nobody will even see those baby chickens except for you.

The baby chickens were printed with rubber stamps and special ink.  The rest of the shirt was screen printed by hand.  Handprinted shirts are fun because they are imperfect.


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