Crazy Splatter T Shirt



This is the world famous splatter shirt.  Paparazzi will chase you down the street in this one homey.  The paparazzi of Lithuania specifically.  They are obsessed with this ladies tee shirt.

This description is off to a bad start.  It is hard writing descriptions.  I will pay you to write descriptions for this site.  Ok, back to the shirt.

I hand screened prints on top of beautiful prints.  Underneath it says: “my bf can kick your ass”.  On top of that is this insane doodle that was drawn by hand in my notebook.

A lot of emotion went into this t shirt.  I cried while creating this t shirt.  Enough about that, let’s talk about the background of this image.  In the background, you’ll find beautiful Bushwick.

Bushwick brooklyn is the hipster capital.  Hipsters have equal rights here. They are even allowed to get married.  The first state to allow hipster weddings.

Anyway, get this shirt.  It’s a fair price for an insanely cutting edge hand printed top!


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