Black Belt in Yoga


Where is your black belt in Yoga?   I am a weird martial artist.  Read about me on Debka


Do you have a black belt in Yoga?  Let the world know about your amazing Yoga skills.  MMA fighters even submit to Yoga fighters.  Yoga is the ultimate fighting discipline.  Yoga fighters are tougher than anyone.

Personally, I hold a black belt in Yoga and Pilates.  Yoga involves a lot of stretching.  Many people never move beyond the stretching faze.  This is unbelievable.  Most people do not even realize how many butts can be kicked with the “lion pose”.

Ask your Yoga instructor today about becoming a black belt.  If he says that he won’t teach it then kick his ass.  Many Yoga instructors deserve to have their asses kicked.

They are happy hippies that need a dose of reality.  After you are done beating up your Yoga instructor, goo outside.  See if you can find a local bully.

It is likely that your adrenaline will still be rushing.  This is the perfect moment to teach a bully a lesson!

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  1. Parks Are Zoos For Trees

    I love this shirt. So funny, I wanna earn a black belt in Yoga!

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