Army Tanks on the Back

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This charming top has hand painted army tanks on the back.  The whole shirt has an organic vibe to it.  The shirt itself is very soft to the touch.  It’s has a worn in feel but it’s brand new.

The front and back both feature hand painted images.  Looking for a shirt that nobody else has?  Look no further.  Every t shirt in this section is one of a kind.

Bored of  looking at stuff to buy?  Consider looking at some my stand up philosophy videos.



1 review for Army Tanks on the Back

  1. Open Voice

    wow You have an amazing voice. It’s so lovely and pretty and you are also very lo0vely your self. I think you’re awesome and amazing hun keep the good stuff coming you’re amazing. lol xoxo hugs and merry Christmas Neal listen to

    • Parks Are Zoos For Trees

      You are obviously insane…. which is ok. I am not dissing you. Insane people think they are sane usually so this probably makes little sense to you.

      I don’t think you actually heard me sing. Which song did you hear me sing?

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