Abstract Composition Ladies Shirt

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Are you looking for an abstract composition t shirt?  Holy shit!  I’m so glad that we found each other and connected.  You are like my long lost idiot soul mate.

This is one of the messiest collage t shirt that has ever been made.  Great alone or as part of a layered look.  Just don’t wear it underneath a burqa.  Doing so, will create a situation where only your husband will see it.

You can’t just take your burqa off at the club.  You can’t twerk in a burqa either.

It’s best to wear this shirt in a country that doesn’t value modesty.  It’s loud, fun & bold!!  All of the doodles on this shirt were drawn by hand.  They drawings came straight from my doodle book.  I scanned then, turned them into screens and voila!

Featured on this shirt are triangles, cute stars & a fuzzy bear.

1 review for Abstract Composition Ladies Shirt

  1. Social Bizz

    Little changes in face (i.e. frown lines, deepening depression from further understanding of the world, etc.)Tired eyes, shadows under eyes, signs of tiring Wrinkles and Hair. Color/baldness.

    This is what I see. Ot top of that, I think your designs are wonderful.

    Sorry to get so deep and philosophical. I think what I say and say what I mean. Yet, I am not mean. I am an extra happy person.

    Your stand up comedy / philosophy is the kitten’s meow

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