Are you having a heavy menstrual cycle?  Why not announce it to the world in style?  I designed this ladies tee in a way that will make some giggle but not everyone will point.

What it says on this cute top is:  “Heavy Menstrual” and it’s written in a fun rock style.  The words are slightly obscured by the stars and other elements of the shirt.

Each one os completely different.  Each is made by hand.  A version of this design was featured on the show “LA INK” a while back.

The shirt itself is a beautiful burnout top.  It’s semi sheer but the design will keep you covered.  This shirt is great alone or as part of a layered look.

This adorable top can be worn at the club or in the gynecologist’s office!

Done entirely by hand.  I charge double for these shirts when I participate in NYC craft shows.  This is an internet only price!

I can also do custom period shirts for a different price.  Think of a funny slogan and I’ll make it.  How about:  “My period can beat up your period”.




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