Humane way to catch mice! You don’t have to kill them

A humane way to catch mice

humane mouse traps

humane mouse trap


It’s sort of a humane way.  There are more humane ways.  This way starts out a little bit inhumane.  What you are going to need is a glue sticky trap.  Don’t worry.

Next, you have to put yummy stuff on the glue trap.

Hopefully, the little mouse will eat the yummy stuff and get stuck!  Don’t worry, just take out some organic vegetable oil spray.  Don’t spray near his eyes or mouth!!  You can also  Strategically spray his feed and other stuck parts.  The equivalent of a tablespoon should be enough.  Try a teaspoon’s worth first.

Wear rubber gloves during this process.  Better yet, wear gloves that can withstand a mouse bite.  You probably won’t get bit but wear gloves just to be safe.  Mice can carry diseases.

Next, release him into your mouth.  Just kidding, release him into the woods!  He will be oily and feel messy but at least he’ll be free.

Most mice can free themselves with a little bit of oil. I recommend using organic vegetable oil.  You can use a spray or a conventional bottle that you can pour.  When you pour it, remember that only a spoonful or two should be enough.  Don’t overdue it and freak the little mouse out!  Duh!

It may take days or weeks to catch the mouse.  When he is caught, I like to take the glue trap and place it in a large box.  This way, I have a little bit of control when the mouse manages to free itself.  This is another safety measure.

Spread this knowledge.  Far too many people are still killing mice.  There are other humane ways to catch and kill mice.  All you have to do is google it.

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