Why Trump won the Debates

Why Donald Trump won the debates and election.  Donald Trump won because he spoke truth to power. Clinton has never been in a real debate.  He does not need a moderator.  He does not need a teleprompter. He speaks what he believes to be the truth and he speaks from the heart.  There is about […]

We Only Kill Giraffes Because They Exist

  They only reason that hunters kill giraffes is because they exist.  What do I mean by this? We are used to them.  They are taken for granted. If they didn’t exist on earth and we discovered giraffes on another planet, than they would be sacred. Imagine if we had no giraffes on earth.  Now, […]

Our Government Protects us from Terrorism

The Government does a pretty good job of protecting us from terrorism.  For example here is a story of terrorists getting caught in Honduras.   These cops in Honduras probably prevented a huge catastrophe.  You won’t hear a a ton about this story though. People are way more vocal when the government fails to protect us. […]

Was the Paris bombing Worse than the Russian Plane Crash?

Why were there no worldwide vigils when a Russian plane was sabotaged?  Why was the reaction so much stronger for the bombings in Paris? Why don’t people across the globe freak out when Israelis are targets of terrorism?  Is there something special about French blood? I think all of these incidents are tragedies.  It’s mostly […]

France Should Not Be Able To Bomb ISIS Harder!!

France just survived one of the worst terrorist attacks ever by ISIS. The next day, the headlines were predictable: “France vows revenge!” “We’ll bomb the hell out of them!” and many more……. My question is why is this possible? Why is it even possible to hit them harder? Shouldn’t we have already been bombing them […]

Wicked Animal Rights Shirts

Animal rights shirts can be boring. Clever animal rights shirts have arrived. These are the types of t shirt designs that will make hunters feel stupid. Ever wanted to humiliate a meat easter but didn’t know how?  There is help!  A new t-shirt site has arrived that makes fun of hunters, child abusers, and everyone […]

Award shows are uninspiring

Award Shows are uninspiring.  Some people are motivated by the art itself.  However, many also seem to be motivated by the accolades.  It just seems extra self congratulating  (please forgive my f*cked up perfect grammar) Why don’t plumbers have awards?  Feel free email me links about plumber awards.  I don’t doubt that they exist but […]

Israel vs Palestiinains Simplified

They both feel like they are the Naive Americans.  This is the main problem.   Begin by having an understanding of their different narratives. They were taught contradictory truths….more to come I have a solution to the conflict.  Message me for details        

Election 2015 Prediction!

In the past, I have made predictions.  This is an Election 2015 Prediction.  The answer is a little vague but keep in mind that I made this prediction around 7 years ago. The president in 2015 will be a man of the people. Or, he will be a step in that direction.  It is not a […]

Trump Won The Election!

One day, will we read a headline the says:  “Trump Won The Election!”  I don’t know if it will be Donald Trump but the next president will be sorta like a “man of the people.” I have been predicting this for years.  Many people are tired of political correctness.  This is not a diss of […]

200,000 refugees’ food cut off via text

More than 200,000 Syrian refugees living in the beautiful kingdom of Jordan learned via text message that they are officially starving.  They were being given food via the U.N. but funding is no longer available. How does money for starving people dry up?  Isn’t this what the U.N. is supposed to do?  What is being […]

The Truth about Trophy Hunters

  Many people are criticizing trophy hunters right now.  These disses completely miss what is actually wrong with trophy hunters. Many protestors get so emotional that their criticisms sound like ad hominem attacks.  You’ll hear things like “LION KILLER” and other names. I have taken things a little further.  I used to just get sad & […]

The original ISIS was an Egyptian hipster goddess

The new ISIS is a rip off.  The original ISIS was an Egyptian Hipster Goddess Isis, the Egyptian hipster of rebirth remains one of the most familiar images of empowered and utter femininity. The hipster Isis was the first daughter of Geb, hipster of the Earth, and Nut, the hipster of the Overarching Sky. Isis was born on […]

Kevin Liles does look like Russel Simmons

Look at the twitter comments at the bottom of this article.  People are upset that Kevin Liles was mistaken for Russell Simmons by CNN and FOX.  I get it.  They think that these reporters think that all black people look the same. That’s not the case. If it were the case, they would have said to […]

A replacement for war

  The video above shows 2 people fighting with swords.  We haven’t seen people fighting like this for hundreds of years.  Why do we need bombs?  Why do we need mechanized weaponry?  Wars today are won by nerds not warriors.  Nerds create drones, smart bombs etc……  We even have bullets that can change direction and follow […]

Abercrombie or Hollister’s strong odor

I’m not sure which one it is.  It could be both actually.  I can’t go anywhere near whichever one smells like cologne.  One of those places smells so strongly of cologne that it’s like a GUIDO EXPLODED!! It actually smells like I went to the meatpacking district and watched a guido explode.  It’s that offsetting […]

How to rob a bank and get away

Many people want to rob a bank.  However, they are scared of getting caught.  This article will teach you how to get away with all the money. Step 1.  Comb your hair. Step 2.  Walk towards the bank (do not use a getaway car!) Step 3.  Walk into the bank. Step 4.  Wait on line. […]

The longest words in the english language

Do you like to use long words and sound extra fancy?  This is a partial list of some of the longest words in the english language.  The longest word on earth is not on this list.  It’s so long that it would take me 9 years to copy and paste it.  Use these in the […]

Dog Sulky for Sale

Are you looking for a dog sulky?  Not many people on the web are searching for sulkies for dogs.  If you wound up on this post then you must really love dogs. Your average pet owner only cares about love & squeaky toys.  If you are looking for a sulky than you understand dog psychology. […]

Bruce Jenner is transitioning back to an ATHLETE!

  Bruce Jenner is in the news all the time these days.  The word on the streets is that Bruce Jenner is transitioning into a woman.  This is NOT TRUE!!!   I speak to Bruce Jenner telepathically.  Ok, well he speaks to me.  I hear handsome Bruce Jenner telepathically. It’s true that I am delusional […]


Don’t Use Pesticides on Honey Bees!

  Just last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it completed the registration of a new yucky pesticide, flupyradifurone, that would be marketed as an alternative to neonicotinoid pesticides, and “safer for bees.” A close look at this yucky chemical reveals that flupyradifurone is  highly acutely toxic to adult honey bees. Douglas Kirk1Flupyradifurone (“Sivanto”) […]

French Jews Leave France & Why it Matters

  A record number of people moved to Israel last year.  In large part, this is because of rising anti semitism around many parts of the world.  This is especially true in France which has a large Muslim population. Before I get started, shout out to the peaceful muslims.  We need to work together towards […]

Overpopulation is not the problem!

  The Problem isn’t overpopulation.  The problem is the lack of unity.  Inside each of our bodies are trillions of cells.  Each one is a living being. Humans are small but have trillions of living things inside of us.  There is a simple lesson to be learned from this.  We just need to live united. […]

Stand Up Philosophy is coming to The Bowery Electric tonight! I will be performing with Jason Trachtenberg from The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players. I will be speaking about epigenetics.  A newly established science from 2007

Wars Don’t End Wars!

        Wars don’t end wars.  They lay the foundations for new wars.  My question for you is this.  Do war preparations lead to wars? Think about how many times you have seen a military parade on TV.  Many countries have military parades. What is the point of having a military parade in […]

The secret of 432 HZ

  Consider your music to A=432 HZ.  Here is an article by Rose Marie Raccioppi.  It’s a powerful piece.  Everything is vibrating.  “Vibes” are something that many people talk about but what does it really mean? Everything has a vibration.  Those vibrations can be measured in Hertz.  Avail yourself to the following link.  You won’t […]

3 Levels of Focus

  Think about any story in the news.  I am talking about today’s hottest topics.  The stories might be about police brutality, politics, celebrities etc…… I have observed that people get really caught up in the details of today’s headlines.  They also debate details of history as well. There are 3 levels of focus that […]

We Love Good Police Work

Here is a video of good police work in action.  It seems like he shoots and then re assesses the situation.  The cops here shoot and then keep shooting.  Then they call back up to shoot the deep person. We love cops when they do the right thing.  I’d like to thank this officer for […]

Webbie disses 50 Cent?

I don’t care about this realm.  However, I guess I do because look who’s back!?!?  WEBBIE!!  Fresh outta the belly of the beast and he’s starting ship with 50 cent.  Webbie claims that 50 cent owes him $1,000,000 from a bet.   Webbie had $1,000,000 to bet?  Amyway, I think that he should have dealt […]

Hezbollah joining Hamas?

Let’s hope that Hezbollah does not join Hamas.  Many people don’t even realize why Sunni and Shia aren’t cool with each other. One of them doesn’t believe in “ALI” and Shia swing knives into their backs (sometimes.)  There are more differences than this but I don’t feel like writing, I’ want swordfish. Here is a […]

April Love Geary

  Looking for n u d e pics of April Love Geary?  Why are you looking for that?  Why are you coveting Robin Thicke’s new girlfriend?  You are an exceptional man!  This is not exemplary behavior. In fairness,I heard that she is looking for nude pics of you too.  Looking at nude pics of April […]

Charles Manson is getting Married!?

Charles Manson is getting married.  The amazing part is that she is kind of attractive.  It inspired me to create my first MEME. When I saw them together, the first thing that came to my mind is that he looks like her swimming instructor.  Does he look like her swimming instructor in this picture? Update: […]

3 Fun Ways to Stop Police Brutality

How to stop place brutality in 3 easy steps!!  This article continues below the video.     Many people want to complain about police brutality.  Police brutality can end today with my simple plan.  The video below actually shows a cop pushing his partner. 1.  Cops should arrest cops.  If you see a crime, the […]

Learn how to make $1,000,000

I will teach you how to make $1,000,000.  All you have to do is send me $1.00.  Actually, I need 1 million people to send me 1 US Dollar. After I receive $1,000,000 that, I will send back a note to each of you.   The note will say:  “do exactly what I just did.” […]

Weird Furniture

IF you are looking for weird furniture than please check out THIS TABLE!! This table is glitter furniture at it’s finest.  Lots and weird and cozy details on this DIY table.  Glitter and stars everywhere!  Perfect for any rock star that you are friends with.

Who is buying oil from ISIS?

Actually, Kim Kardashian broke the internet.  The following question should be breaking the internet:  “WHO IS BUYING OIL FROM ISIS??” Isn’t the answer to that question worth breaking the internet? According to this article, countries in Europe are buying the oil.  I heard Turkey is too but this is a little more surprising! #DenttheInternet

Is Ebola A Form Of Population Control? (I Hope So!)

                Is Ebola a biological weapon?  Is it a form of population control?  I was sorta kidding when I wrote:  “I Hope so.”  However, I’m also a little bit serious because I don’t think the earth can support the number of humans on the planet. Currently, we are […]

Hezbollah is Tougher than Hamas.

Hamas is tough sort of.  They aren’t tough compared to the IDF.  Hezbollah is tougher than Hamas. This is going to be a future problem for the IDF.  Hezbollah troops are battle hardened. They fought a long fight with ISIS or ISIL troops.  It was basically maniacs versus maniacs. This made the maniacs even more […]

The Emerging World


Teach Release Commands for Dogs

If you don’t educate yourself on how to educate your dog… how can u expect to have an educated doggy?  Many pet owners claim that there dogs are “trained.” There are a million things that I can say about this but it’s 6am and I wanna cuddle. Here is one simple example that demonstrates how […]

Can Dogs Get Aids??

We found each other.  You googled something about dogs getting aids and you found me!  I don’t know whether dogs can get aids or not. However, I’m glass that you found this site.  Please at least reconsider everything that you know about aids. You are googling about dog aids when aids might not even be […]

The Cold Water Challenge isn’t tough enough

First of all, it’s a waste of water.  People in drought ridden areas are probably watching their screens in disbelief.  Second of all, Russians have been taking ice baths for many years. The cold water challenge is not some revolutionary thing.  It’s interesting how ALS strikes so many athletes.  The disease came to be known nationally […]

What is Dog Training?

Dog training is dog education. To train a dog means to educate a dog. Dog training is not fixing problem behaviors.  Fixing problem behaviors is a part of dog training.  But, the more important part is teaching the dog what is expected of him or her. Most people think that dog training is stopping problem […]

The Last Large Scale War for 10,000 years

What we are seeing in the middle east is WWIII but it doesn’t seem like it.  That’s because so many proxy wars are happening.  There isn’t a clear standing army vs a standing army. It’s armies vs terrorists groups. However, some of these terrorist groups are so big that they are like terrorist armies.  I […]

Political Correctness is Incorrect

I was doing a show in Bushwick, Brooklyn recently and somebody called me racist.  Apparently, it’s not politically correct to wear a Unisex Denim Burqa.   I have a problem with political correctness.  Is there something about political correctness that doesn’t feel right to you?  Here’s what it is for me. First of all, most […]



Israel is not the bad guy

 Everyone hates Israel but what if they aren’t the bad guy?  I am not saying that the Israeli government is perfect but what if they aren’t as bad as many say? I am not even sure that they occupy.  Many people certain areas “the occupied territories” but who is doing the occupying? It’s been said […]

World War 3 will be the last war for 10,000 years

  World War 3 is here right now!!  It may  not feel like it.  That’s because it’s different than the first 2 world wars.  Those wars had standing army vs standing army. This is more like a proxy war that is out of control.  However, there is fighting going on in at least 10 countries. […]


This may be the best video ever.  If anybody knows this guy, please send him my way!  I want to have an interview / conversation with this guy so bad.  I seriously doubt that he “loves selling blow” but he loves the results of it. This is the most intense video ever.  A lot of […]

Don’t Subscribe To My YouTube!!

Everybody is always saying: “hey guys if you liked that….than please subscribe to see more”. Enough… I am taking a stand.  I am officially making myself the first person to discourage anyone from subscribing to my YouTube Channel. It’s not bad.  I put a lot of hard work into My YouTubeChannel.  Some consider me a […]

Why are Styrofoam Cup Companies Legal?? Plastic Bags Too

  If styrofoam is as bad as some say, than why are the companies that make them legal?  One of the responses to this question is:  “capitalism” & “people are free to start any kind of business that they want”. Why does the planet not have an attorney?  Could it be proven that the earth is […]

UNHEALTHY TREATS for DOGS!! And the owners that use them!!

Most dog treats out there are either unhealthy or not life enhancing!  However, the focus of this short article is not about unhealthy treats. It’s about irresponsible dog owners that use unhealthy snacks as a way of “spoiling” their dogs.   When was the last time you read the ingredients of your dog treats??  Seriously….. […]

Voting For a 3rd Party is a GOOD IDEA!!

For years, people have told me that voting for a third party is a waste of a vote.  In fact, I have probably only met 5 people  in the last 12 years that thought voting for a 3rd party was a great idea. 99% of people think that voting for a 3rd party is a […]

Humane way to catch mice! You don’t have to kill them

  It’s sort of a humane way.  There are more humane ways.  This way starts out a little bit inhumane.  What you are going to need is a glue sticky trap.  Don’t worry. Next, you have to put yummy stuff on the glue trap. Hopefully, the little mouse will eat the yummy stuff and get […]

THE BEST ALTERNATIVE TO WAR! The real reasons that countries go to war!

There are multiple reasons that countries go to war.  So, my title is a little misleading.  I will only discuss 2 of the major reasons that makes it easier for countries to gain support for a war.   These 2 reasons have never been discussed anywhere else to the best of my knowledge. One of […]

Watching Sports is Stupid. Let’s create The Olympics of curing AIDS!!

Am I the only person that thinks The Olympics are stupid?  I know that many people love The Olympics.  I appreciate the hard work of the athletes.  However, it just seems silly to me that people root for countries and teams.   It’s not even the The Olympics.  I kinda think that watching sports are […]

Elongated Skulls & The Star Child

Elongated skulls such as these are the talk of the town..  What I want to under stand are 2 things.   1.  Why does it take so long to some to a conclusive answer?   2.  Why are people amazed so amazed at ancient technology?  I know megaliths are amazing.  What I’m referring to is […]

A world without money

  I know that I sell stuff on this website.  I also know that most people consider money  to be a fact of life.  However, I believe that we are moving in the direction of living in a world without money.   Creating and using money is a choice.  I am also not proposing an alternative […]

Killing monkeys for medical research is AWESOME!!!

I do not actually feel that way.  Allow me to explain why  I wrote that headline.  I was just on the subway in NYC.  Four people were discussing how killing moneys for medical research was awesome! They were actually excited about it.  One of them was bragging about how her boyfriend kills monkeys.  I politely cursed them […]

I will always belieb in Justin Bieber

  I will always belieb in you. I don’t care how much trouble you get in. I will never stop beliebing in you. Your music was always there for me.  I will not stop beliebing in you.  You I know that you were recently arrested for driving too fast.  They don’t understand. You are living […]

Weird new furniture is on the way!!

I am editing a new video on how / why and especially what to feed wild birds like pigeons, sparrows etc…..  The answer is wild bird seed but there is a lot more to it.   If you live in a city than pigeons are kinda like our collective pets….  Allow yourself a new way […]

Holy shit… I need wordpress lessons so this site doesn’t suck!!

I’m a truth seeker that makes fun stuff… More to come as  I master wordpress!!!          

Creating the new site

Holy moly…. starting a wordpress site isn’t as easy as I thought.  It’s not super hard but I am eager for it to look perfect! Setting up a slideshow on the home page is my first goal!

New Dog Training Podcast for Pet Owners!!

[Most dog owners are selfish!![ Please be advised.  Your average pet owner will be offended by this dog training podcast.  The truth is,,,, it was intended to be a wake up call for pet owners. Don’t get me wrong… there are responsible dog owners out there.  However, most dog owners aren’t ready to have a […]

Hello world!

Welcome to the new home of Parks Are Zoos for Trees.  Coming soon, you will hear lots of podcasts.  You’ll also see me introduce our custom Men’s Burqa’s to the public.   Los of comedy and philosophy videos are on the way.  Pictures of my hand made shirts will be coming soon.  This is pretty […]