Elongated Skulls & The Star Child

Elongated skulls such as these are the talk of the town..  What I want to under stand are 2 things.


1.  Why does it take so long to some to a conclusive answer?


2.  Why are people amazed so amazed at ancient technology?  I know megaliths are amazing.  What I’m referring to is something very specific.  I keep hearing journalists say things like:  “they built things in ancient times, that we can’t recreate today with all of our advanced technology.”


This is where they lose me.  We built the Empire State Building and thousands of other amazing structures.  I am into ancient architects etc…..  However, let’s get real.   I feel that we can recreate the smooth slabs of rocks & everything else that they did back then.


I understand that it’s more amazing that they were able to do this then vs now.  I get it.  But, why have I heard at least 5 journalists saying:  “we still can’t make structures like the ancients did.”  Knock it off

“Ancient civilizations had advanced technologies that surpass what we have today.”



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