A world without money


I know that I sell stuff on this website.  I also know that most people consider money 

to be a fact of life.  However, I believe that we are moving in the direction of living in a world without money.


Creating and using money is a choice.  I am also not proposing an alternative system.  I have never visited an Ubuntu Village.

I have never visited any society without money.  It’s known that they exist. though.  A quick google search will fetch you quite a few relevant results.   It’s also know that creating money was a choice.  I don’t know who made made that choice initially.

However, I do know this.  At some point, a group of people made that choice.  I wonder what the thoughts were of the rest of the people during that time.  Were there any opponents back then?

If there were opponents, what points did they make?  Did they predict any of the problems that we are experiencing today?

Today, we have something in common with the groups that originally invented money.   We are both groups of people.  We are thousands of years apart but we are both humans that make choices.  We both have / had the power of choice.

We can make a different choice. We can just hit the “reset” button on the world.  I would love to see some comments that have some real world solutions.

How can we have a world without money?  I realize that a world without money will put me out of business.  That’s cool…  I don’t want to be in business.  I want a world without money and I’d love to read your ideas.

Here is  a quick link to a site that I found.  It’s called the Free World Charter.  I don’t know if they have all of the solutions but they will definitely give you food for thought.  Here is a link to their informative FAQ Section.




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